Crystal Journey Candles have been our best sellers for 10 years. They are hand-crafted in nearby Connecticut using the finest wax, lead-free materials and an exotic blend of essential oils. We've recently added Bennington and Elen's Candles soy jar candles to our online selection too. Visit us in store, call or email if you're interested in mini candles, spell candles, or other varieties of candles we offer.

Abundance Candles
Use Abundance Candles to attract prosperity, increase success, and obtain material possessions. Use in combination with Problem Solving candle when starting a new business.

Bennington Soy Jar Candles
Bennington Candles natural soy wax candles are hand-crafted using farm grown soybeans from the USA.

Love Candles
Use Love candles to attract someone to you. Use in combination with Harmony to find a compatible roommate. Use in combination with Abundance candle to attract clients to your business.