A Piece of Peace
by Danielle MacKinnon & Joseph Carringer


MacKinnon, Danielle

Danielle MacKinnon is an internationally renowned animal intuitive and intuitive
consultant whose vision is to empower others to live their most fulfilling and enjoyable lives possible.

Deeply connected to the animal kingdom, Danielle communicates with pets and their humans effortlessly.  She uses her psychic abilities to help animals and their people better understand one another while working toward a common goal: happiness.  Her particular gift is in revealing the soul contract between pet and human.

Armed with her belief that grounding and clarity lead the way to peace, Danielle's work as an intuitive consultant allows her to facilitate and inspire evolution within each of her clients. Danielle's method combines guidance from her own guide team, her client's guide team, and her own personal experience with whatever else she is guided to include.

Danielle has been featured in newspapers, magazines, webzines, radio shows, TV shows and more. Students from around the globe have taken (and raved about) her downloadable audio class "Beginner's Animal Communication" available through her website.

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Friday, November 13, 2009
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Wednesday, May 13, 2009
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