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Palm Readings, Rune Readings, and Energy Healings with Norman Shaw

A reading with Norman Shaw is unlike any other you are likely to experience. He was chosen at a young age to learn about the spirit world and spent a lifetime doing so.  It was this study that led him to become a Reiki Master, a Karuna Reiki Master and ultimately a Shamballa Master as well. His humor, compassion and inner peace come out during time spent together and he makes sure no one leaves disappointed. Whether you need answers to current events, lifelong problems, spiritual directions or an attunement to get you further along your path, a reading with him is guaranteed to be worthwhile.

Norman Shaw has had a lifelong interest in palm reading...from a young age he took an interest in it and finds it very helpful in predicting major events in a person's life as well as giving him insight into their past and personality.   This fall he is also offering “emotional code healing “ based on the bestselling book  by Dr Nelson.

Much of our suffering is due to negative emotional energies that have become “trapped” within us. A significant percentage of physical illness, emotional difficulty and self-sabotage are actually caused by these trapped energies. The Emotion Code is a simple and powerful method of finding and releasing these trapped energies using kinesiology or muscle testing, as it is most commonly called, to connect to the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind stores everything that occurs to the body and muscle testing is the easiest way to tap into that database.

Once we establish a connection with the subconscious mind, we then ask if there is a trapped emotion that is contributing to the issue.  If there is an emotion associated with the issue we then roll a magnet over the governing meridian to release that emotion.

With 100's of hours of experience, we are sure that you will see the significant benefits of this amazing technique.


About Norman Shaw:

Norman Shaw had his first experience with the supernatural at the age of eight, and since then he has devoted himself to exploring and learning the world that exists all around us,  unseen.  He has had a lifelong interest in palm reading..from a young age he took an interest in it and finds it very helpful in predicting major events in a person's life as well as giving him insight into their past and personality.  His interest in runes began with a love of all things Viking.  These precursors to our alphabet have been used for divination and magic for thousands of years.  He purchased his first set 17 years ago and has been using them ever since.  With them he is able to answer specific questions a client might have as well as create a special "bindrune" for them to help them overcome a difficulty or challenge.  He is both a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master as well as a Shamballa Master and is able to provide energy work for his clients as well as being intensely in tune with the spirit realm...