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Tara and the Talking Kitten Meet Angels and Fairies

Author: Diana Cooper
ISBN: 1844095517
Format: 80 pages hardcover, 30 B&W illustrations
Publisher: Findhorn Press

The second book in an endearing new series, this story follows Tara and her talking cat, Ash-ting, as they meet fairies, elves, pixies, imps, and angels. Tara and her brother and sister depend on guidance from Ash-ting and the angels when Uncle Steve comes to visit and invades their privacy. And when Tara’s sister almost drowns, Ash-ting helps Tara call on healing angels to save her. Tara and Ash-ting then work with all the nature spirits to save an old oak tree from being cut down. Both an empowering lesson for children as well as an entertaining adventure, this fun narrative teaches young readers the importance of protecting the environment and how to cope with difficult situations.