Block Busting Phone Sessions with Kelle Eli Phillips

Block Busting Phone Sessions with Kelle Eli Phillips
  • All sessions are PHONE ONLY
  • $90/45 minute session - $120/60 minute session 
  • Kelle will call you at the session time you select and the phone number you provide at time of booking. *Please note the phone number you receive in your order confirmation is not the number Kelle will be using. 
  • Kelle will be visiting Circles later in 2019 to offer workshops and sessions, and these phone sessions are a great way to be introduced to her work and start transforming your life before her in person events.  

We all know that positive energy attracts and amplifies our intentions. But what do we do when we aren’t feeling so great? The good news is you don’t have to stay stuck anymore, nor try to deny or suppress your negative feelings.You can actually TRANSFORM them back into positive energy!

In these phone sessions, I help you dismantle spiritual, mental and/or emotional blocks which are generating that negativity and/or holding you back in some way. Since we will team up at the level of our Higher Selves, we can use the principle of non-locality (i.e. not being in the same room) to effect the shifts with your system. 

Starting with a 2-3 minute meditation to focus and to activate our Higher Selves, you will briefly present the challenge you’re facing. Then we bring your own Higher consciousness resources to the issue, allowing the reasons for the block to be made evident. Then we align your Higher Self to your subconscious mind (where the blocks occur) so that a healing transformation can happen. These sessions are great for blocks involving lack of focus, lack of motivation, fears, insecurities, disconnection, frustration and just plain feeling “stuck.”

What clients are saying: 

“I was guided to work with Kelle because she was recommended as the best of the best - someone who’s teachings really work.”? - D.T., Sound Healer, Author 

“Kelle is so gifted at removing mental blocks that stop us from pursuing our heart’s desire! Although intellectually I knew what to do, I felt like I had one foot on the gas and one on the brake simultaneously. She helped me remove the blocks to finally move forward and pursue my passion.” - Linda P. Jones, Author of Wealth Heiress 

“I feel like I really pierced a barrier from the last time we worked together. Ever since then, I have been so grateful for everything. I also feel renewed strength and certainty, like a reset button was pushed. It’s truly a breakthrough!” - J. A., Artist 

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  • Mon, Mar 25  
    2:00 pm-9:00 pm

Kelle Eli Phillips

Kelle Eli Phillips

Kelle Eli Phillips has pursued unlocking the mysteries of human potential for 30+ years. Starting her education with degrees in Biochemistry and Anatomy, she was awarded a Masters Degree in the first graduating class of HOLOS Graduate Seminary in the Science of Intuition and Energy Medicine in 2001.

She also pursued studies in medical intuition, shamanism, Huna, Reiki, kabbalah and the Silva Method. However, her penetrating insights into the mysteries of the ancient texts of mystical Judaism and early Christianity has given her the ability to apply causal laws to help her clients make powerful shifts. 

Since opening her consciousness training practice in 2002, she’s helped hundreds of students around the US and UK. Her teaching and coaching practice simplifies the human consciousness system so that anyone can easily grasp how they are getting blocked or unsettled energetically.

In private one on one sessions, Kelle easily guides clients to access the healing and transformative powers of their OWN Superconscious mind and subconscious mind, to release mental, emotional and/or spiritual blocks.
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