Sounds from the Higher Consciousness, Volume I

Young, David

In the 60's, the world had the songs of Bob Dylan and John Lennon to sing that carried the message of that generation. Now, with over 20 million Americans doing yoga at least twice a week and each session starting and ending with a meditation, my intention is to give this new spiritually awakened generation songs of unity, peace, hope, and divine love to sing and share.

We have all heard the saying, "Music is the Universal language." This music has been inspired by George Harrison and John Lennon and was created with the intention of transcending time, space, logic, and human differences. We all have the power to bring healing to the world with infinite potential.

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David Young

David Young

David Young is an American musician known for his ability to play two recorders simultaneously. Two of his albums, Renaissance and Solace, have been nominated for Grammy Awards.  He was also a member of the new age duo Celestial Winds with harpist Lisa Franco.

Young started playing the recorder in the third grade in Brooklyn, New York. He studied baroque and renaissance music with Phil Levin and, at age 12, he became the youngest member to join the New York Recorder Guild advanced performing group. His music has been featured on the U.S. television series' General Hospital, All My Children and Passions. He has worked with recording artists such as Bobby Schnitzer, Cheryl Gallagher, and Robin Berry. 

He is also the author of Divine Inner Guidance and Channeling Harrison.  In his recently released book, Channeling Harrison, David relates his experiences of channeling George Harrison and offers you a new way to think about life after death.

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