Soul Star Beam of Light Pendant

Seeds of Light

8th Chakra - Seat of the Soul

The combination of stones opens the 8th chakra so that pure divine light can filter through allowing infinite energy and divine wisdom into the physical body.

  • Selenite - Beam of Light Stone
    Selenite opens the pathway to connect to the highest realms; opening all our chakras. It is a powerful tool to connect with teachers, angels, and guides by opening our higher self. The soothing properties of Selenite allow one to become calm, centered, and filled with divine light. Selenite constantly cleanses and recharges itself.
  • Sugalite opens the 6th-12th chakras to assist in filtering the violet ray into being. Sugalite enhances personal growth while helping one recognize their life purpose. Deep spiritual love and wisdom are associated with this stone.
  • Chariote is used for working on etheric levels to direct energy and help draw in the Angelic, Ascended Masters, and Higher Beings to aid in healing. Chariote clears karmic ties and has calming effects
  • Amethyst is used for healing ailments and psychic work, soul cleansing, and is considered to have divine spiritual energy. Amethyst inspires divine love, co-creation, and intuition. Amethyst sharpens the mind promoting clarity, wisdom, and courage.
  • Rutilated Quartz opens the higher chakra’s allowing the golden divine light to usher in awakening the soul’s purpose and directing it to the next dimension.

Selenite is a very soft crystal it should be handled with utmost care. It should never be washed or placed in water because this can erode or damage its surface. Use Sage or moonlight if you wish to cleanse your pendant.

Each item is individually made, so no two pieces are exactly alike and come with a black satin cord and information card.


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