The Lovers Gem Drop

Seeds of Light

The combinations of stones encourage and reinforce the true magic that lies within romantic relationships.

Pink Opal has a gentle and loving vibration creating a loving connection with romantic partners. Pink Opal awakens and clears past issues, so one can move into the loving vibration of the heart chakra.

Garnet moves the physical body into action by cleansing and removing blockages. Garnet increases personal magnetism helping one attract the right partner.

Red Tiger’s Eye helps move energy for sexual drive and desire by clearing out the stagnant energy and rejuvenating the root chakra.

Goldstone increase vitality and energy by removing physical blockages.

Kunzite connects one to an abundant source of unconditional love and purifies the heart’s desire for romantic love.

Gem Drops are approximately ¾ to 1-inch in diameter. Each item is individually made, so no two pieces are exactly alike. All gem drops come with a black satin cord and information card.


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