St. Jude Pendant

Touchstone Pottery
  • Patron of lost or impossible causes and hospitals
  • Saint Jude (a.k.a.Thaddaeus) was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus. He was the brother of St. James and St. Simon and the cousin of Jesus. He is usually pictured with a flame above his head to represent his presence at Penecost. He preached the gospel in Africa, the Middle East and into Asia, where he was martyred. His patronage of lost or impossible causes is due to a letter he wrote in the New Testament which stresses that the faithful should persevere, even under desperate circumstances.

For centuries, we have called upon our patron saints knowing that they will be our advocates and provide us strength. The exemplary lives of the saints serve as examples to us. Having a special saint to call on for each of our needs gives us hope, encouragement and protection. Our handmade porcelain portraits help to keep your patron saint close to you.

Illustrated by South Carolina artist Monica Wyrick.

Each piece is composed of fine grained, translucent porcelain clay.  The intricate designs consist of slip glazes fired into the porcelain, then each piece is finished to a satin touch and is approximately 1 3/8 by 7/8 inch.  Each oval pendant has a 32-inch black rayon cord and is individually packaged in a velvet-like box with a card describing the symbolism of the design.


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