The Empath's Quest: Finding Your Destiny New

by Bety Comerford and Steve Wilson

Empathy can help you on your quest to understand life and destiny. Do you often feel as though you are being blindly pulled along?searching for answers, trying to make sense of why things happen the way they do? Is it possible the answer is right in front of you? Discover via twelve lessons why you are here and why your gift of empathy is so valuable to your search for your destiny. Delve into your own timeline and learn the ways it can help you comprehend your life and determine why your existence is the way it is. Explore how your life is designed to teach you to make energetic choices and how to fight becoming the victim of energy you feel. This follow-up book to The Reluctant Empath goes deeper into the gift of empathy and how to use it effectively. Understand why you have the power to navigate your own life?right now.

  • Publisher: Schiffer Publishing (Jan 2017)
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Steve Wilson

Steve Wilson

Steve Wilson has been empathic since birth.  This gift has led him on a lifelong journey of understanding all things mystical, to experience everything and, more importantly, to learn the skills necessary to navigate his “crazy” life.  These experiences have fueled his shamanic practice, enabling him to share his life stories with others and to find the common thread that runs through all our lives – our need to understand our life and our place in the world.  In partnership with Bety, he has now expanded his horizons as author, sharing with the world their stories of growing up empathic and experiencing all things spiritual, including ghosts, and other ethereal beings.

He is the owner of the Sacred Healing Grove, a healing center located in Mason, New Hampshire where he teaches shamanism and which also serves as a spiritualist church, for which he is the pastor.  To relax in a very busy life, he enjoys tending to his flower and vegetable garden, his beautiful koi pond, his small flock of chickens and tinkering on his Jeep.  He delights in travelling to sacred sites, spending time with his grandchildren, and is a passionate hiker.

Steve teaches shamanism at The Yurt, a mystical place where students come to learn about their gifts and about their place in the world.  Check out the website for the Sacred Healing Grove at


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