Advanced Ancestral Healing - Level III

Diana Harris

  • PRE-REQUISITE: Ancestral Healing Level II
  • Please bring an early childhood  picture of yourself  (1 year – 7 years old) to this class.  Solo shots please, for example: school pictures no older than 2nd grade or pictures when you were a toddler

In Level II, we explored karma, soul contracts, karmic groups, karmic vows and healing, and past lives. And, we worked with Hawaiian Huna, Native American, and other traditions to correct/heal patterns of imbalance. Like Level II, Level III will be part lecture but predominantly practice focused. We will delve deeper into the inherited patterns and beliefs that  shape our vision of ourselves and our interactions with the world. In this installment, we will explore more keys to our personal and planetary evolution.


  • How to identify limiting family patterns and the rooted core beliefs that create the pattern
  • Practices to heal and transform those patterns for yourself, your lineage, and heal disconnections
  • Advanced practices from several indigenous cultures to help you find peace and belonging in your bloodline and life. We will learn the power of simple ritual or prayer to be the bridge to healing the past so we may move forward
  • How ancestral imprints in our DNA influence our relationship with the Feminine and Masculine aspects of ourselves, with Spirit, and the outer world. We will review several practices to facilitate alignment 
  • The power of Mother Earth, flower essences, and crystals to facilitate the healing of ancestral pain, patterns, and/or blocks to our Divine Expression.  A guide will be provided for recommended crystal and/or flower essences.

You will leave Level III feeling empowered and connected. Accompanying you will be more tools to facilitate your evolution and freedom. Lastly, Diana will lead the group in two ancestral healing ceremonies based on indigenous teachings to restore harmony to our lineage and to heal/align the Divine Feminine and Masculine within.  Join us for an enlightening and healing day!

Please bring a blanket for our ceremony and a small family heirloom or picture of an ancestor as a symbol of your family tree.  Learn more about Diana at:


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Diana Harris

Diana Harris

Diana Harris is a nationally recognized psychic medium, intuitive counselor, author, and wisdom teacher. She is frequently sought for the accuracy of her intuitive services, mediumship abilities, and dynamic workshops. Diana has a deep connection to Mother Earth and works with her Wisdom Keepers.

Through her speaking engagements, media interviews, and published work  – Ms. Harris has touched the hearts of thousands. Some have dubbed Diana, the “Happy Medium” because she brings much Light and Joy to her work.  She has been featured on DiggRadio Boston, WBZ, Explore Your Spirit, Hawaii’s Inspiration Radio and others.

In Feb 2011, her short stories were published in the book, Love Like God.  Ms. Harris has a growing list of national and international clients. She is currently working on a solo book project. It is due out in 2019.  Learn more about Diana at:

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