Beyond the 7 Main Chakras

Elizabeth Guilbeault

It’s time to explore beyond the 7 main chakras! In this workshop, we will discuss the 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th chakras. Where are they? What do they represent? How do we access them? What can they do for us?  

Knowing about the chakras can influence how we experience life in the body, what information we are working with on a body level, and how we integrate spirit into our daily lives. 

Bring awareness to how these chakras impact you during this workshop. The class will include discussion and short, guided meditations. Join us to explore beyond the 7 main chakras!


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Elizabeth Guilbeault

Elizabeth Guilbeault

Elizabeth serves as an honest and gentle guide to show you how to access your unique energy and put it to work for you. She loves to assist in transforming lives and believes awareness of the chakras and energy can do just that.

As an Energy Worker (clairvoyant, medium, and teacher), she loves to highlight the opportunities for growth and dare to go beyond what is comfortable. In addition to individual coaching and readings/healings, she loves offering workshops and trainings to all audiences. She has led meditation and yoga trainings for corporations and school systems.

She has a background in finance (MBA) and human services (MA), and spent several years working in Human Resources where she especially enjoyed organizational development and training. She loves laughing with family and friends, practicing and teaching yoga, reading (books and energy), exploring new opportunities, taking the occasional nap, and going for "it." 

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