Breathe in Sacred Circle: The Key to Mind/Body Wellness! New

Lisa Jones

Use the power of Conscious Breathing, a most potent form of meditation.

In this workshop we will learn to...  

  • Still your mind
  • Clear emotions 
  • Deeply relax & connect with yourself
  • Find relief from pain 
  • Get clarity & awareness about your life

BRING A PILLOW (or 2) and a warm blanket. (Please wear comfortable clothing & do not eat heavily for a few hours prior to class). Space is limited so register today!


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Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones

Facilitator, Lisa Jones, is an internationally-recognized Breathing Coach who since 1998, has taught thousands of individuals and supported their journeys into the body/mind realm through her workshops and private sessions.

Lisa recently returned from Ecuador, where she was on retreat writing BREATHING BECOMES YOU, secrets to more vitality and energy than you ever experienced deep down to the core of your very being!

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