Bringing in the Magic: Creating a Crystal Wand with Stones of High Ascension*CANCELED* Cancelled

Sharron Britton

In this hands-on workshop, each participant will be crafting a beautiful wand guided by Sharron and their intuition. We will be using the Ascension Stones - phenakite, herderite, alexandrite, natrolite, euclase, scolecite, rhodizite and many others - to make a magical tool that can assist you in shifting energies to a more conscious level. Everyone will receive a selenite wand as a base for their creation and we will experiment with many different crystal combinations as we discover what works for us. 

Join us for this fun and interactive class as you create your own magical wand!


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Sharron Britton

Sharron Britton

Sharron Britton, aka “Rock Priestess”, has been collecting all kinds of rocks and minerals since she was a child.  For the past thirteen years she has been the proprietor of the High Springs Emporium in High Springs, FL where she provides lightworkers, shamans, healers, and collectors of rare minerals with exactly the right tools.

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