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Nina Lombardi

  • Maximum of 13 participants - Be sure to register early!

In this One of a Kind workshop, participants will have the ability to work with Crystal Healing Decks to create a unique High Vibration Healing Gemstone Jewelry piece, tuned specifically to their own physical/emotional/spiritual vibration. Because of the nature of this workshop, the cards determine what stones end up on your piece. However, participants may also opt out of using the cards if they feel they are drawn to certain crystals/stones.

We will meditate, journal, and infuse our jewelry with the intention of honing your own vibrational energy to help you attune to your highest self and greatest well-being. This piece will lift your vibration, helping you shine your brightest self into the world!

 You will have the option to create a necklace or a spiral bracelet/bangle.

Please bring reading glasses, should you happen to need them. Participants are welcome to bring their own journals to record in if they prefer.


Saturday, March 30
12:00 pm-4:00 pm

Nina Lombardi

Nina Lombardi

Nina Lombardi of Oracle GemWorks is a crystal loving momma, born and raised in the Merrimack Valley. She is an artsy gal that delights in drinking dark roast coffee, vanilla chamomile tea, and making sand huts for the beach gnomes with her wee sprites.

The universe and her family lineage have gifted her in the arts of clairaudience, claircognizance, and energetic exchange through the use of jewelry creation. She has been honing her intuitive gifts since they were impressed on her as an adolescent, and has been refining her art of jewelry creation since 2001.

The birthing of Oracle GemWorks came to her in a meditation, urging her to follow her passions of jewelry design and intuitive reading to align women with their own divine power. Through the use of Crystal Healing, Goddess Empowerment, and Soul Journey cards, she determines which gemstones to use, creating a tangible piece of your divine energy, empowering your greatest self to shine!

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