Crystal Show with Gabriel

Gabriel Gabriel

First time at Circles!

Let’s welcome Gabriel from Vermont with lots of his crystal friends for a Thanksgiving weekend Friday/Saturday crystal show. Come anytime during show hours to shop the selection he brings to us. Gabriel has a great passion for getting stones out into the world and helping people find the right pieces for themselves. 

He will bring crystals in all price ranges and both rough and polished form. One stone he specializes in is larimar with great prices on freeform pieces and jewelry Others you might expect to find include danburite, celestite, arfvedsonite, petrified wood, fossils, amethyst cathedrals, apophyllite, Madagascar lavender rose, spheres, obelisks, labradorite, selenite, septarian, fluorite, and carnelian. 

This is a free event!

Friday, November 24
3:00 pm-9:00 pm

Saturday, November 25
10:00 am-5:00 pm

Gabriel Gabriel

Gabriel Gabriel

Gabriel has been collecting and selling stones for more than thirty-one years. He is a psychic, clairvoyant and medium since childhood. He spent ten years as a Spiritual Counselor doing empowerment-based therapy work. Now he only does Ministering on a spontaneous, informal basis. His stones are the emissaries who do the work in the world. 

Gabriel has overcome many challenges in his life including depression and addiction as well as physical issues including many broken bones and cancer.

He has healed himself by natural means - change of diet, environment and belief systems. He has been living by himself in an octagonal house deep in the Vermont woods for eighteen years, surrounded by the most beautiful stones on the planet.

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