Crystals for Protection & Self Defense

Sara Cope

Have you ever walked into a room and felt swamped by negativity?  Heard the terms “psychic intrusion”, “psychic attack”, or “psychic vampire”, and wondered what each meant and how you might be affected?  Have days where you wish you could become invisible?  If you are working with your own spiritual or psychic self-development, it is especially important to learn ways to protect yourself.  

Many of us have guardians or spirit guides that assist us and look after our well-being doing their best to make sure we’re protected.  However sometimes we still need to take additional steps to prevent energetic issues
There are a number of extremely powerful stones that can provide you with a protective cloak in these situations.  

Join me as we talk about some specific stones and how to use them.  You’ll also take part in a meditation to help you connect with the amazing abilities of these stones.  Please bring a pillow, blanket or whatever else you need to feel comfortable during the meditation.  No prior experience or skills are needed for this class.  

Workshop includes all materials and a set of protection stones for personal use.



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Sara Cope

Sara Cope

Sara A. Cope is a CRTh™, PAHT Pract and Reiki Master.  Her vision is of healing the earth and all its inhabitants through the power of love and connectedness:  love by listening; love through a centered heart; and love by recognizing spirit in all that is.  She is an active shamanic practitioner who has studied and trained with a variety of traditions, including coursework with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.  

She has studied with Naisha Ahsian, co-author of The Book of Stones, graduating from Crystalis Institute as a Certified Crystal Resonance Therapist (CRTh)™ and PAHT™ Practitioner.  She is also a Reiki Master in the Usui lineage.  

Prior to recognizing her gifts as a healer, she spent 30 years as a Human Resources professional and consultant for corporations large and small.  These experiences helped her develop strong listening capabilities, and a desire to help each person with whom she comes in contact to achieve their dreams and potential.   

Sara can help with concerns such as: 

  • Reducing stress and tension
  • Improving a sense of balance and vitality
  • Alleviating symptoms of physical pain
  • Correcting energetic and emotional imbalances
  • Improving interpersonal relationships
  • Identifying your life’s purpose and helping you plan to achieve it

She offers the following holistic services, locally and long distance:

  • Crystal Resonance Therapy™ Sessions
  • Primus Activation Healing Technique™ (PAHT)
  • Usui Reiki
  • Crystal Readings in the Hawaiian Shamanic Tradition (Local Only)

In addition, she offers classes on a wide variety of crystals topics, including working with stones for specific issues such as stress, overcoming obstacles, and abundance, making crystal elixirs, and crystals associated with each element and chakra. She will also help you one-on-one to learn about the stones.

She believes all living beings are healthiest when they live in harmony with the provisions and rhythms of Earth, and one another.  We are of the earth. It feeds our bodies, minds, and spirits.  The Earth  has the power to heal us all.

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