Deepening Your Spiritual Connections Cancelled

Laura Lee Perkins

While spiritual work is mysterious and transcendent, each person can develop deeper levels of contact.  In your quest to achieve deeper spiritual connections, are you using all of your senses? Laura will offer concrete techniques to expand your spiritual knowing. She’ll share personal experiences demonstrating contact clues that are often easy to miss and she’ll teach you some unique methods of reaching deeper levels of spiritual connectivity.

Laura will end the class with a mediumship demonstration offering a personal message for everyone. Exploring the soul's intelligent capacity to connect and communicate.                                                                          

Laura Lee Perkins, BME, MS, CM has taught spiritual development classes for 30 years.  Laura is a nationally certified medium who loves to teach, and laughter often echoes forth from her classrooms and Gallery Readings.


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Laura Lee Perkins

Laura Lee Perkins

Laura Lee Perkins inspires deep spiritual trust. Her Lighting Your Spiritual Passion essays offer personal experiences of spiritual exploration. Perkins always brings home the importance of spending time in Nature for spiritual renewal. She understands that Nature is our spiritual taproot, offering direct access to Spirit. Her enthusiastic personality, both as a motivational speaker and as a writer, combines with a fluid writing style to create an inspirational leap forward for readers.

Laura Lee Perkins holds a graduate degree in counseling, is a nationally certified medium, a widely published author and an expert in Native American Flute.  

Laura Lee Perkins, MS has also been awarded 11 grants and 5 artist-in-residencies for her creative projects in music and writing.

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