Egyptian Dreaming Cancelled

Susan Morgan

The Ancient Egyptians practiced rebirth as an art, through shamanic methods, and we are able to do this in our era as well.  Come be initiated in an ancient technique for radical transformation.  

This is a day dedicated to rebirth and resurrection. The ancient Egyptians practiced this every Spring, through ritual, with their Pharoah and Queen in hopes of securing a good year ahead. 

We, too, can release the old and bring in a healthier new life.

Participants will;

  • Find parts of your Soul that have left or gone missing and embody your own Osiris; Godhead. 
  • Wait as the healing waters of the Nile (and Life) fill your Sacred Self with the nutrients needed to lead a healthier life. 
  • Finish with a visit to Anubis, the jackal headed Guardian of Death to re-negoiate your Life and reclaim what is yours.

Through Susan's shamanic drumbeat, you will be able to access deeper dimensions to gain information and clarity for your life now. No experience is necessary, only an open heart for adventure. 

Susan has held this workshop for years with great results. Please feel free to bring or adorn yourself (or not) with Egyptian attire.

Suggested Reading (not required): The Art of Resurrection by Freddy Silva


This event has already occurred.

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Susan Morgan

Susan Morgan

Susan Morgan connects easily with the Departed and is also able to offer insight into relationships, health, finances, past lives and more.  

Susan is also Native American (Abernaki and Huron) and a Master Dreamworker.  She is the Founder of the Mystic Dream Center, a registered non-profit.  She is a Shamanic Practitioner, Teacher / Workshop Leader and Author, whose books include: The Power of Dreams and Death and Continuing On.  

More information can be found on her website

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