Getting Through These Days: Crystals for Spiritual Evolution & Transmuting Energy New

Sharron Britton

Many of us have been working overtime to handle all the changes occurring all around us. Sometimes it can seem as though we cannot deal with one issue before several more arrive at our door. Our crystal allies can provide invaluable assistance in helping us as we move through these stormy times. The world around us is changing. We are changing.

In this class we will be working with some very special crystals that can assist us in transmuting the energies of fear and uncertainty into self-knowledge and creativity.  Pseudomorphs are rare minerals that have undergone a change from one mineral to another. We will learn to work with these rare minerals to help us understand how the changes all around us are leading us to a new perspective and understanding of where we fit in relation to the Universe. We will also be working with the Stones of High Ascension as we learn how to use them in sacred ritual to receive the new consciousness that is unfolding so we can help shift the prevailing energy here on earth towards the Light.

Each participant will receive a High Ascension stone chosen by Sharron just for them. 


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Sharron Britton

Sharron Britton

Sharron Britton, aka “Rock Priestess”, has been collecting all kinds of rocks and minerals since she was a child.  For the past thirteen years she has been the proprietor of the High Springs Emporium in High Springs, FL where she provides lightworkers, shamans, healers, and collectors of rare minerals with exactly the right tools.

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