Global Indigenous Shamanic Studies: An Exploration into Ancestral and Future Insights - Recepit Imperium

Mitch Nur

Recepit Emperium is Element Two and the stepping stone from Narcosis, our earlier shamanic studies program. There are two kinds of 'giving up' or 'letting go'. There is giving up attachments, and there is giving up because of difficulties and disappointments. The person who has inner strength and openness does not 'give up'---but gives up grasping and attachment, and consequently gains freedom and confidence. The person who has inner strength and openness develops the fortifications of Will, which is necessary in reinforcing one's character. This program narrows the focus to gaining strength and overcoming weaknesses. It also examines virtue and the accumulating of merit which can be seen shamanically as a 'wild or trump card'. Most people involved in shamanic studies feel that facing in a certain direction, associating with totems, and waving around fragrances as being a shaman, these are the external middling ways of the western view. Categorically this is just "monkey shamanism", far from the study of indigenous science.

Students should bring an eye-covering or Mindfold, Rattle, and Notebook.


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Mitch Nur

Mitch Nur

Mitch Nur, PhD has presented academic and experiential workshops and seminars on the therapeutic nature of sound for over 4 decades; and is regarded as one of North America's oldest and leading sound teachers and sound healers. Founder of the Harmonic Therapy Association, senior instructor for the 9ways Academia, and assistant to visiting Tibetan Lamas and indigenous teachers. He regularly hosts programs on nearly 100 ceremonial and ritual indigenous sound instruments, and offers Master Classes on Himalayan Singing Bowls, Gongs, and the Bonpo Shang.

His direct experience through field studies with numerous indigenous cultures, and his decades old training's with both Buddhist and Bön Lamas, has given him a unique perspective in preparing students to be a effective practician for therapy and transformation. Mitch's lectures and demonstrations feature a extensive blend of history, science, and culture; with a hands on approach enabling students to not only fully grasp a subject, but to go beyond the academic to genuinely experiencing the discipline.

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