Intro to Lemurian Crystal Healing Workshop

Cathy Corcoran

Experience the joy of merging with the heart-centered healing energies and gifts that are the legacy of the Lemurian civilization.  Focusing on unconditional love and the purest desire to serve our beautiful Earth and all of its inhabitants, Lemurian Crystal Healing is a simple but powerful tool for bringing about mind-body-spirit healing for individuals as well as raising the vibration of institutions, communities, and our world as a whole.  You will learn to direct the gentle but powerful Lemurian crystal energies for personal, transpersonal, and trans-planetary healing and elevation as well as have the opportunity to work with the 7th-9th dimensional energies of the angelic dolphin and unicorn realms.  Lemurian Healing harmonizes well with other energy healing modalities as well as being a stand-alone practice.

Included in the workshop fee is a Lemurian crystal, who will choose you as  their healing ally!

This workshop is based on the Lemurian Healing Certification Program received from The Diana Cooper School.


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Cathy Corcoran

Cathy Corcoran

Cathy Corcoran's work centers on connecting with the Light and the joy that resides within all of us in order to live to our fullest potential and highest enlightenment.  She does this through the merging of intuition, art, and mind-body-spirit healing.

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