Jewels of the Lotus Crystal Healing Meditation & Sacred Gem Elixir New

Dawn Silver

Unwind into your creative soul with a deep healing journey through your chakras and visitations from your crystal, angel, spirit and elemental guides. They will impart special messages to you to nurture and balance your chakras. Then carry these sacred energies forward from your healing meditation via a gemstone elixir charged with the magic of your visions. A few restorative drops daily to reconnect.

Bring journal or paper and pen and your favorite crystal.  Or better yet purchase a new treasure from the Circles of Wisdom crystal gallery and convene with its energies during our gathering. 

The Jewels of the Lotus Crystal healing meditation will be recorded and sent to you for future listening.


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Dawn Silver

Dawn Silver

Dawn Silver is a Naprapath, Astrologer, Healing Earth Resources founder and author.  Her book, the Jewels of the Lotus Tibetan Gemstone Oracle, was the recipient of the national Visionary Arts Award.  

She has lectured internationally with her Jewels of the Lotus Crystal Healing Series certification program and at numerous Crystal Conventions, astrological conferences NCGR, ISAR and SOTA, for various nutritional symposiums, Light Workers Conference, The Global Pyramid Conference…and has been a featured lecturer five times with the Sea Angels Psychic Cruises.  

Dawn hails from the windy city, Chicago, where she is a practicing astrologer, herbalist and Naprapathic doctor.

You may contact her at: Dawn Silver  773-271-2792  -

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