Make Your Own Turtle Shell Rattle

Ken Green

  • Class fee is $60 (includes $30 materials fee) 
  • Class size is Limited to 10 - be sure to register early!

Craft your own Sacred Rattle! Turtle shell rattles, used by Native peoples for centuries, summon deeper spiritual connections. All turtle and tortoise shells have 13 sections, and Turtle Island (North America) also experiences 13 full moons each calendar year.

This rattle summons spiritual connectivity. Turtles represent: LOVE, PROTECTION, HEALING, KNOWLEDGE, and SELF-CONTAINED CREATIVITY.    

The materials fee of $30 includes all you need to make your rattle - shell, handle, leather, paint, glue, feathers, beads. *No turtles have been harmed for this class. 

Ken is an NSAC nationally certified healer.


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Ken Green

Ken Green

Ken Green, AA, CH grew up with dowsers and he has been dowsing for 40 years. As an Eagle Scout, a Vietnam Veteran and as a police officer, he pursued his interest in energy work using a wide variety of rods.

Ken uses dowsing techniques for spiritual healing, finding water/oil/natural gas,  exploring locations on maps to find lost objects or people, discovering the "best" location for a new home or guiding a person who is searching for answers.

Ken makes his own dowsing and healing rods, and he enjoys helping others assemble their own rods from wooden handles and brass/copper L-shaped rods that he has crafted. 

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