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Alina Nunez

  • You may bring a yoga mat, blanket, and/or pillows to lie down for the meditation part of the event if you wish to.

At this workshop, you will learn all you ever wanted to know about Guardian Angels.  What their purpose is…  What they look like… We will then have many meditation experiences with your Guardian Angel to help you see, hear and sense their presence.  We may also fly with your Angel!  You will learn the name of your Guardian Angel and establish a relationship with him/her in order to improve your daily life and reach your Spiritual Purpose in life.


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Alina Nunez

Alina Nunez

Alina Nunez is a Minister, Healer, Angelologist and Certified Nutritional Lifestyle Consultant.

She was ordained an Interfaith Minister many years ago.  Alina was born with the God given gift of Mediumship & Healing and has developed & practiced these gift plus many more since 2001.  Alina is an expert in the Angelic realm, known as an Angelologist.  She has spoken on TV & radio about the subject of Angels, Guardian Angels & “Specialty Angels”.  

Alina is a Certified Nutritional Lifestyle Consultant. She earned this degree from Trinity School of Natural Health in Indiana. Trinity is one of the oldest and most respected universities in the natural health field. Alina uses Iridology, Applied Kinesiology and Medical Intuition in order to detect health issues. Then she suggests a combination of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbal and Bach remedies, and homeopathy for their healing qualities. She is currently finishing her Doctorates in Naturopathy at Trinity.

My main areas of concentrations are: 
• Natural Health & Nutrition Plans 
• Weight Loss 
• Corporate Wellness 
• Angel Healing & Angel Readings 
• Detox & Stress Relief?Programs 
• Angelic / Spiritual Guidance 
• Spiritual Workshops & Retreats 
• Pet Healing & Communication 
• Private Yoga & Pilates. 

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about our services. You can e-mail us at: or call (305)807-8998. 

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