Navigating the Astrological Currents of 2017: Aligning your Personal Vision with the coming Planetary Cycles

Dawn Silver

  • Please provide your birth date, time and place when registering. 
  • Everyone will receive an extensive personal portfolio for the year based on their birth information, plus even more notes on general aspects for the year affecting everyone.

Stop the madness!  Holy Cow!  2017 please show mercy!  In this class we shall look at the upcoming astrology for you personally as well as the US and nations being affected by the current astrology formations.  What can we capitalize on?  What are the trends?  What is 2017 promising?  When is the next Renaissance?  

Timing is everything in astrology and everyone will receive a personalized portfolio with you astrological chart and your bigger aspects report to guide you through the year ahead as well coming retrogrades and eclipses.  Plan your year in style!  Look ahead!

This is a popular workshop that author Dawn Silver offers in the Chicago area every year! 


Saturday, February 25
10:00 am-12:30 pm

Dawn Silver

Dawn Silver

Dawn Silver is a Chicago Astrologer, Naprapath and author of the Jewels of the Lotus Crystal Healing Oracle, Visionary Arts Award recipient.

She has been a featured speaker at Crystal Conferences, Sea Angels Psychic cruises, Global Pyramid Conference, State of the Art Astrology Conferences, numerous holistic health expos and has appeared for tv, cable, radio and magazines.  

Silver began her journey into astrology in 1977 upon meeting the late spiritual astrologer Helen Francis Blue. Dawn has been teaching crystal healing workshops since 1984. She is the past founder of Healing Earth Resources and the Mother Earth Café along with her husband Michael.

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