Shadow Work Cancelled

Alina Nunez

Shadow Work is a terminology that many psychotherapists have used for many years.  It refers to our dark side that most of us are ashamed of because society has taught us to hide this part of who we all are.  What happens is that we get tired of hiding this very real part of us and it starts to come out in bad behaviors that we can’t understand and although it may feel good for a short bit then we feel ashamed or embarrassed by it.  This class teaches us to acknowledge and embrace our dark side and then teaches us to make a conscious decision on how we are to respond or behave.  Sometimes you need to be strong and tell people exactly what you think and feel so that you can express yourself, but it’s all about how it is said.  

Free yourself from bad behaviors and begin to live your life as you were meant to live it: Freely, and being your true self.  Own who you truly are and be proud of it!


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Alina Nunez

Alina Nunez

Alina Nunez is a Minister, Healer, Angelologist and Certified Nutritional Lifestyle Consultant.

She was ordained an Interfaith Minister many years ago.  Alina was born with the God given gift of Mediumship & Healing and has developed & practiced these gift plus many more since 2001.  Alina is an expert in the Angelic realm, known as an Angelologist.  She has spoken on TV & radio about the subject of Angels, Guardian Angels & “Specialty Angels”.  

Alina is a Certified Nutritional Lifestyle Consultant. She earned this degree from Trinity School of Natural Health in Indiana. Trinity is one of the oldest and most respected universities in the natural health field. Alina uses Iridology, Applied Kinesiology and Medical Intuition in order to detect health issues. Then she suggests a combination of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbal and Bach remedies, and homeopathy for their healing qualities. She is currently finishing her Doctorates in Naturopathy at Trinity.

My main areas of concentrations are: 
• Natural Health & Nutrition Plans 
• Weight Loss 
• Corporate Wellness 
• Angel Healing & Angel Readings 
• Detox & Stress Relief?Programs 
• Angelic / Spiritual Guidance 
• Spiritual Workshops & Retreats 
• Pet Healing & Communication 
• Private Yoga & Pilates. 

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about our services. You can e-mail us at: or call (305)807-8998. 

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