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Terry Milton

"The Stone Lady,” also known as Terry Milton, has been active in the Psychic field for over forty years. Trained in many traditional psychic ‘tools of the trade,’ including Palmistry, Numerology, Earth Magic, Tarot, and Astrology, Terry’s lifelong love, respect, and attraction to stones lead to her creating an unconventional psychic tool of divination, “Stone Readings,” which now serve as her primary psychic tool.

People are drawn to stones that have energies, personalities, strengths, histories, and characteristics that are similar to their own energy, personality, history, strengths, and characteristics.  Through an exploration of “Mother Nature,” we are better able to understand “Human Nature.”

In this three hour workshop, we will learn the basics of attuning to people through stones and crystals. We will practice giving and receiving messages from the stones.  It is an upbeat, grounded form of “spirit communication” that is easy to learn, and suitable for all ages!

“Stone Readings” incorporate the use of stones, crystals, and artifacts of nature. “Stone Readings” are designed to help you see the extraordinary ways in which YOU ROCK, and serve as a gentle reminder that you, too, are a gem!


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Terry Milton

Terry Milton

Involved in the psychic and metaphysical field since 1976, Terry Milton is called ‘The Stone Lady’ and ‘the voice of the stones’ because of her passion for stones and the interchangeable nature of stones and people in her psychic readings. Her up-beat, down-to-earth readings are based on parallels, similarities, and synchronicities which exist between human nature and Mother Nature.

The Stone Lady, a natural Clairvoyant, Empath, and Clairaudient, has studied many conventional as well as non-traditional psychic tools, including Tarot, Numerology, Palmistry, Sense Awareness, Earth Magic, Astrology, and Channeling. She is the original Stone Reader, and is the creator of Stone Readings, an age-old, new age psychic tool.

The Stone Lady’s knowledge of stones and crystals is based largely on her many decades of combining her psychic gifts with her love of nature. She has utilized and combined her wisdom gained through private apprenticeships, nature meditations, journaling, channelling, and attuning to the magic and enchantment of the mineral realms. Her Stone Readings gradually evolved as she began to notice uncanny parallels and similarities between “Mother Nature” and “Human Nature,” and between the ‘world of people’ and the ‘world of stones.’

Because of her connection with her stones and crystals, The Stone Lady  is able to attune to you via the specific stones which are aligned or connected with you. She will offer insights with authentic clarity to help you make wise choices along your path!

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