Wake Up Your Drinking Water to Supercharge! Cancelled

Dawn Drew

  • Class will be rescheduled. Email us if you'd like to be notified when a new date is set. 
  • IMPORTANT:  Bring two 1.5 liter plastic bottles with the tallest/longest possible screw top (you notice this when you look at the screw tops in a store). Make sure one bottle is filled with drinking water and the other empty.

Blast of a class! Discover how to make dead water come alive. This Easy-To-Do process creates drinking water your body actually craves, changes the PH to gently detox enhancing your overall living experience. We’ll play with adding crystals and colors and you’ll learn about making your own solar and lunar water. 

Bring friends! Entertaining fun for the whole family!


This event has already occurred.

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Dawn Drew

Dawn Drew

Dawn is practiced in use of the Ancient Mayan Medicine Wheel-Of-Life with her readings offering much insight into what is ahead for you as well as what is holding you back.  Dawn is a gifted natural psychic-medium and Numerology Practitioner.

She is also a Master Trained Practitioner and Teacher of Yuen Method Energy Healing, as well as practiced in Holodynamics, Quantum Physics, Body – Mind – Spirit Energy and Chakra Clearing working with several energetic modalities including Feng Shui, applied Kinesiology Energy Testing, Energy Healing Sessions and is the developer and founder of EngineticKs, an intuitive guide for personal and business transformation. 

She is a monthly guest on Psychic World TV and traveling Intuitive to locations in Vermont, Maine and Massachusetts.  For more information please visit her website at: http://affordablespamassageinconcordnh.com or email her at: strongpoints@gmail.com

TESTIMONY:  “OMG. This woman sees right through you like a window and can clearly answer any questions.”

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Wake Up Your Drinking Water to Supercharge!
March 14, 2017 | Sandra

Very informative and fun class that sparked my interest in the power of water!

Wake Up Your Drinking Water to Supercharge!
March 14, 2017 | Chris G

You can taste the difference and it makes me feel super charged on the inside.

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