The Art of PSI: ESP, Remote Viewing & Precognitive Dreaming New

Dale Graff

  • The main teaching part of the workshop takes place on Saturday 10am-5pm.
  • There is a recommended but optional session on Sunday 10am-1pm. This will be to follow up on dream homework from Saturday night, a Q&A period, and wrapping up the training.

Curious about sensitivities such as extrasensory perception (ESP), remote viewing and dreaming about future situations?  Join author Dale E. Graff on a creative adventure that explores these psychic or psi, abilities and discover how they can be routinely integrated into your personal and professional life.  These human potentials are natural aspects of our subconscious mind that may occur spontaneously or be sought through focused intent and development.   

This intensive workshop includes:

  • Methods for enhancing your natural intuition and psi talents in either the awake remote viewing state or the dream state.
  • How to routinely receive assistance from your intuitive/psi talents.
  • How to work with and understand ordinary and precognitive dreams.
  • How to evaluate or interpret suspected psi information.
  • When to act on psi information and when not to act.
  • Why precognition and premonitions may be the most significant aspect of psi.
  • How they relate to synchronicity.
  • How to communicate psi topics with others.
  • How activating your psi potential can enhance your well-being.
  • How psi experiences can be understood as a natural part of physical and mental reality. 

A variety of illustrative examples show how these abilities can be helpful for you, your loved ones or for others.  Some of these examples are from Dale’s professional work during the STARGATE program, his independent research and personal experiences.  Attendees are invited to share their psi experiences to better understand their significance. 

These natural mental talents are explored from a science viewpoint and from an historical perspective.  The psi connection with art and other forms of creativity is explored.  Dale shows how psi can be an aspect of holistic healing potentials.   He explains how dreams can provide insight for our state of health and assist in recovery from illness or injury.    

This workshop has an equal mix of dialogue and experiential projects in intuition, ESP and remote viewing. Dale is a strong advocate of maintaining physical and psychological harmony in all aspects of life and believes that a close connection with nature helps us achieve this naturally. He also believes that our psi potential can help us keep safe in an increasingly unsafe world.  An optional psi or precognitive dream exercise is available the night after the first day with results reviewed the following day.    

This is a challenging, informative and enlightening workshop for all attendees.  Attend this workshop to expand your mental horizons!


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Dale Graff

Dale Graff

Dale E. Graff is a researcher, writer and speaker internationally known for his insights into the processes of the mind.  He was a director of STARGATE, the government’s program for research and applications of remote viewing, as aspect of extrasensory perception (ESP).  He coined the name STARGATE to symbolize an innovative effort of exploration that expanded the range of human potential.  

His books, Tracks in the Psychic Wilderness and RIVER DREAMS have brought him international recognition as he describes his personal evolution from scientific doubter (degrees in aerospace engineering and physics) to that of accepting the reality of psi abilities.  His books have been praised for their honesty and for the way he presents psychic experiences in a neutral perspective, free of dogma and belief systems.  

Dale has appeared on several national and international TV programs, including Good Morning America, Larry King Live, The Crier Report, CNN Sunday Morning News, and several documentaries for the A & E and History Channel.  He currently resides in Pennsylvania where he continues writing and performing psi investigations.  

He currently presents seminars and workshops for individuals through PSI-SEMINARS-INITIATIVES and other organizations in the USA, Canada, and Europe. He facilitates programs with an integrated approach for psi exploration that emphasize balance and well-being while offering user-friendly guidance and explorations of psychic abilities. 

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