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Dawn Silver

Learn how to give health readings using the sacred art of divination. This Visionary Arts award winning oracle bridges together color healing, the chakras, 5 elemental energy systems, intuition, gemstone vibrational nutrition and astrological healing wisdom. 

For thousands of years the scientific and practical uses of gemstone medicine have been explained in numerous esoteric texts.  In the ancient texts of the Rig Veda, gems are prescribed by their ability to absorb, reflect and radiate different frequencies of light via their elemental compositions and electrical properties.  Sometime shortly thereafter, the Tantric alchemists introduced the world to the chemical science of gem oxides (ashes) and gem powders (pastes), creating an avenue for the internal science of gemology via bhamsas, tinctures and homeopathy. Later Ayurvedic texts married this gemstone science with astrology, producing the most complex and comprehensive system known to date.

This hands-on class is designed to teach you the tools you need to give a crystal healing oracle reading. With that you can assist your clients and the ones you love through their healing journey. 

Bring your copy of the Jewels Oracle. Books and Oracle are available for purchase. 


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Dawn Silver

Dawn Silver

Dawn Silver is a Chicago Astrologer, Naprapath and author of the Jewels of the Lotus Crystal Healing Oracle, Visionary Arts Award recipient.

She has been a featured speaker at Crystal Conferences, Sea Angels Psychic cruises, Global Pyramid Conference, State of the Art Astrology Conferences, numerous holistic health expos and has appeared for tv, cable, radio and magazines.  

Silver began her journey into astrology in 1977 upon meeting the late spiritual astrologer Helen Francis Blue. Dawn has been teaching crystal healing workshops since 1984. She is the past founder of Healing Earth Resources and the Mother Earth Café along with her husband Michael.

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