The Magick of Archangel Michael

Christopher Penczak

Explore the lore and magick of this beloved figure who crosses many cultures and traditions. Considered St. Michael the protector by some, he is also known as the archangel of the element of fire, the Sun and Mercury by magicians. He is the keeper of the flaming spear or flaming sword.

One of the ley lines of England, and various churches are associated with him, including the Tower of St. Michael in Glastonbury. In modern healing traditions, he cuts away what does not serve. Mystery traditions say he is the patron of the Earth and humanity, and share the secret of his battles with draconic forces.

How can you call upon Michael in your own spiritual path and traditions? Learn how to petition him for aid in your life and to improve the planet.  


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Christopher Penczak

Christopher Penczak

Christopher Penczak is a Witch, teacher, writer and healing practitioner. His practice draws upon the foundation of both modern and traditional Witchcraft blended with the wisdom of mystical traditions from across the globe as a practitioner and teacher of shamanism, tarot, Reiki healing, herbalism, astrology and Qabalah.

He is a founder of the Temple of Witchcraft tradition and system of magickal training based upon the material of his books and classes. He is an ordained minister primarily serving the New Hampshire and Massachusetts pagan and metaphysical communities through public rituals, private counsel and teaching, though he travels extensively teaching throughout the United States.

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