The Power of One

Dawn Drew

The Power of One – THE FORMULA FOR HUMAN ENERGY will help you understand how your run your energy and how you can alter your energy fields. What your individual power connection is to others and how your can change your power field if your currently challenged in life.  

Are you feeling like you want Scotty to “Beam Me Up”? Is your EGO getting the best of you?  Is that little sELF having fun at your expense? Learn more about your sELF and how to send your EGO on vacation to operate differently – with different results.  

The ripple effect of your drop in the ocean is unstoppable until it touches all shores.  


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Dawn Drew

Dawn Drew

Dawn is practiced in use of the Ancient Mayan Medicine Wheel-Of-Life with her readings offering much insight into what is ahead for you as well as what is holding you back.  Dawn is a gifted natural psychic-medium and Numerology Practitioner.

She is also a Master Trained Practitioner and Teacher of Yuen Method Energy Healing, as well as practiced in Holodynamics, Quantum Physics, Body – Mind – Spirit Energy and Chakra Clearing working with several energetic modalities including Feng Shui, applied Kinesiology Energy Testing, Energy Healing Sessions and is the developer and founder of EngineticKs, an intuitive guide for personal and business transformation. 

She is a monthly guest on Psychic World TV and traveling Intuitive to locations in Vermont, Maine and Massachusetts.  For more information please visit her website at: or email her at:

TESTIMONY:  “OMG. This woman sees right through you like a window and can clearly answer any questions.”

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