Wand Work: Connecting with the Natural Magick of the Earth

Jude Bradley

Join author, Jude Bradley for this insightful hands-on discussion about the mystery and legend behind the Magick Wand.  

Why are there so many references to the wand, staff, scepter, virge, or barsom in ancient texts and carvings? Is it just symbolic, or was there much more to these vital ritual tools that crossed so many different ethnological lines?  Pop culture may have sparked a renewed interest in magick wands, but there is genuine power in these seemingly innocuous pieces of wood. Wands are a personal and amazingly potent tool for any spiritual work, and finding the right wand is the first step to harnessing the astounding magnitude of the Earth’s energy.  

Join us as we explore the boundless magick of the wand!


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Jude Bradley

Jude Bradley

Jude Bradley is an author, medium and spiritual consultant. Her programs on Spiritual Alignment and Inspired Creativity highlight the value of observation, visualization, and creative writing as life guidance tools.

Jude’s book, Magic’s in the Bag, was released through Llewellyn Worldwide in 2010, and is still available as a Kindle download through Amazon and other major retailers.

Visit: http://judestur.wixsite.com/judebradley

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