Channeling Inspiration Weekly Practice Group

Gerri DeSimone

  • No previous channeling experience necessary - all are welcome.

In a gentle and nurturing manner, Gerri will lead you through a variety of techniques and meditations to assist you in exploring and developing your connection to your Higher Self and to Spirit Helpers. Join us to practice being step-down transformers for The Divine Light and Sacred Information.

Channeling Inspirations helps us to gain greater inner wisdom and healing. You will learn to channel and practice your abilities in regards to both receiving and delivering Divine Inspiration.

Gerri will also share Lessons and Meditations that have been channeled from the Pleiadians, the Seven Star Sisters.


Friday, March 31
10:00 am-12:00 pm

Friday, April 7
10:00 am-12:00 pm

Friday, April 14
10:00 am-12:00 pm

Gerri DeSimone

Gerri DeSimone

Gerri Shanti DeSimone is an accomplished and well-respected spiritual teacher and author who feels inspiring others to “Find Peace Within” is her true purpose. Drawing upon her expertise as a Spiritual Medium, her skills in the practice of Native American and Incan Shamanism, Meditation and Mantra practices, as well as drawing upon Auric Record Clearing, the Guidance of The Divine Light and a variety of other healing methods, she offers her students a wide range of opportunities to Find Peace Within.

Gerri has a formal background in education, with a M. Ed. and B. of Music Education, which has given her an excellent foundation in allowing her students the freedom to think “outside the box” and discover their own truths. Gerri currently facilitates several Spiritual and Psychic Development Support groups offering assistance and guidance to others on their path.

Because of her commitment to Finding Peace Within she has released four Meditation CDs, “The Seeds of Awakening”, “Find Peace Within”, “Love and Light” and “Auric Record Clearing”. These works were inspired from channeled messages, which led to the creation of these inspirational and transformative meditation CDs.

Gerri has also written three books, Reflections of the Sun, The Spiritual Psychic Development Support Guidebook and The Lessons and Meditations from The Stars. All of these offer insights and guidance meant to assist you on your spiritual path.

In addition to her teaching commitments, Gerri is also an incredibly gifted Medium and Healing practitioner who offers her clients a wealth of services including Spiritual/Mediumship readings, Shamanic Auric Record Clearing sessions, and Energetic Space Clearing. She has also appeared on several local radio shows offering insight into the many ways we may Find Peace Within.

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