Group Healing with Prajna Cancelled

Prajna Avalon

  • You may lie on the floor for the healing part of the gathering. Please bring a yoga mat, blankets, pillows. Anything that you would need to feel comfortable and relaxed!

A group healing will change your life in a unique way. The healing energy that is created in a group setting is extremely powerful, both in its depth and in the level of support that members receive from one another. Group healings bring personal transformation to each individual as well as to the group as a whole. Each person's experience can work as a catalyst for others to go deeper into their own healing.

This group session will offer a unique opportunity for you to bring specific intentions for healing. You will leave feeling the powerful changes and transformations that will take place. You can be as specific as you’d like, or just trust the process and see what is meant for you as your next step. We will align our intentions for healing in the beginning of the session with a small ceremony, and then go into the healing journey and let the energies build.

As the healing session unfolds, a beautiful healing vortex is created and used to clear what needs to be let go of in each participant. Throughout the session, you will feel a support that is unique and special to a group of like-minded people who are looking to deepen their own healing and transform their life towards a more fulfilling place. It will be a life experience that you will treasure – a healing experience that you will carry with you for life.


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Prajna Avalon

Prajna Avalon

Prajna was born to a family of healers and grew up in a healing community in Brazil. From a young age she was aware of her ability to channel healing and of connecting to the spirit world. She was taught healing and mediumship from childhood, and has dedicated her life to delving deeper into what she knows is her calling and her life purpose. She has studied and practices different Brazilian healing modalities, as well as Brennan Healing Science and Polarity Therapy. She is a former faculty member at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Miami Florida, has worked as a medium in many psychic fairs and works as a healer both in private practice as well as in different healing centers in Massachusetts and Brazil.

She has been a guest on HayHouse Radio with John Holland where she has done readings and teachings for online listeners.

She continues to develop personally and as a healer, and regularly travels to Brazil to further her training and practices as well as to India in order to learn and grow with her beloved guru Amma.

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Group Healing with Prajna
September 25, 2015 | janine kissinger

Great class! By the end of the class, I had a cool feeling like when you have a cold and take a mentholyptus drop!

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