The Magic of Energy Healing & Mindful Meditation

Ron Crocco

This class combines two powerful tools, Energy Healing and Mindful Meditation, allowing us to reach a higher and more divine connection.  Ron Crocco will demonstrate several techniques used in the practice of energy healing. These powerful tools are meant to assist you in your own sense well-being as well as to incorporate into your own practice.  In addition, he will share some powerful meditation guidelines to enhance your meditation practice and bring it to the next level.

Energy healing is based on the principle that dis-ease is primarily caused by physical blockages interrupting the body’s natural flow, “chi” or prana. Together we will learn some of these techniques and discover how to release blockages and restore the body’s natural ability to heal. 

Following this we move into our Meditation or “sitting in stillness” where you will now find an increased or more profound state of relaxation.  Combining these two practices often raises our internal energy or Life Force (Chi, Ki, Prana) allowing us to experience a deeper sense of serenity. This, in turn, can bring about a more insightful quality of consciousness, increasing our ability to give and receive healing, develop patience, compassion and increase our sense of wellbeing.

Join us for this wonderful class as we come together experiencing the power of our healing energy, connecting to the Divine and raising our vibration.

*Energy Healing practitioners do not diagnose, prescribe, promise cures or interfere with Traditional Medical Treatment. This is only meant to provide additional complimentary pathways to health.


Thursday, December 13
7:00 pm-9:00 pm

Thursday, December 27
7:00 pm-9:00 pm

Thursday, January 10
7:00 pm-9:00 pm

Ron Crocco

Ron Crocco

Ron Crocco is a highly skilled healing practitioner who has spent well over a decade studying a variety of modalities including Tong Ren, Reiki, the Melchizedek Method as well as a facilitator of energy balancing. Ron is well-versed in Eastern Mystical Teachings embracing the magic and transformative powers of the Mystery Schools.  
He is also a firm believer in the  practice of meditation where he assists you in using the powers of your own imagination.  Through the use of his powerful visualization techniques he offers you the opportunity to achieve a very profound state of relaxation.  Ron is also a strong advocate for the use of a variety of energy healing techniques that have assisted many people in restoring their own natural ability to heal and improve their sense of wellbeing.

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Divine Light Energy Vortex
September 16, 2017 | Nancy Tanzella

Blessed and Grateful to experience this Sublime class at Circles. Healing and Blissful, an uplifting amplification above the traveled "what you think is reality" perception.... to being immersed in Magnificence. Do not think - just experience for yourself...and receive what is needed to shine from where you truly reside. When is the next scheduled class... My higher self wants to sign up.

The Magic of Energy Healing & Mindful Meditation
October 5, 2015 | Nancy

I would like to share my experience with Ron Crocco in his Magic of Energy Healing & Mindful Meditation class. Ron has such energy and peacefulness ~ he brought me to a place of absolute bliss and happiness. It lasted through my drive home and into the next morning. I have signed up for all 3 of his upcoming classes! This class is amazing - and I am a long time meditator. Ron cuts to the quick and wants to show us how we all can all be happy and in peace! I look forward to being once again in his presence. Shine On ~

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