Lisa Williams and Laura Wooster!

Lisa Williams

Lisa was a very young girl when she first saw spirits not realizing that these people were actually dead, She lived with this gift for years - as did her grandmother, both hiding their gifts for many years.  Her grandmother told her she would continue with her gift, but she didn't believe her. 

She is now a well-known and well-respected psychic, medium and healer who has appeared in several TV shows including Lifetime Television: Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead (2006–2007) and Lisa Williams: Voices From the Other Side (2008). Williams also appeared on Deal or No Deal when the episode aired on NBC on 31 March 2008. She also made a guest appearance in one of Lifetime's other shows, America's Psychic Challenge.

Lisa loves the work that she does and feels very blessed to have this gift. As well as the private readings, she also tours, giving messages from Spirit and teaching Spiritual Development Classes throughout the world. She has launched her own network of gifted advisors through Soul Connections and her own development school - the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development.

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