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Diana Muenz Chen

  • A copy of Diana’s book Channeling: The Heart & The Art is included in the class fee. When registering please let us know if you are able to pick up the book at Circles of Wisdom or need it shipped to you. There is required reading from the book to do before class. 
  • Upon registration we will also send you a confirmation letter and waiver form to be returned to Diana before the class date for you to be able to participate. 
  • There will be a FREE Complimentary Channeling Class via conference call held on Tuesday, June 13th at 7 pm.  Please click here for more information.

Come join Michael the Archangel and Diana Muenz Chen for an exciting day of short lectures and long experiences channeling your higher self, soul and spirit guide. Your time will largely be spent channeling and receiving confirmation about what you’re doing in-the-moment from Diana and Michael. Diana’s complimentary channeling textbook entitled Channeling: The Heart & The Art will teach you all the basics you need to know beforehand.

You’ll learn:

  • Steps for semiconscious channeling, which include such tools as grounding, taking inner inventory and clearing your energy field using Divine Essence.
  • Anatomy of your higher self and soul and how to channel them.
  • How to discern your spirit guide’s energy imprint.
  • Numerous channeling exercises with your source of guidance

These exercises include:

  • Sensing with clairsentience (physical sensations) and clairempathy (emotions) 
  • Receiving healing energy for yourself and sending healing energy to a recipient 
  • Moving your physical body 
  • Inspirational doodling, drawing and writing 
  • Making sounds and speaking

You’ll have ample time to practice these channeling techniques, so you fully understand them, and can continue to use the techniques on your own.

There will be a complimentary Zoom video conference class held on Tuesday June 6 from 7pm-8:30pm, where you’ll get to meet Diana and have many opportunities to sense your spirit guide’s energy. You may also join this class via phone conference call. Please email Diana to register for this complimentary class at: 


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Diana Muenz Chen

Diana Muenz Chen

I’m passionate about assisting you to have what you want in your life. I want to know what you feel, how you see life and what direction you want to go. Together we can create deep and long-lasting healing.

I combine modalities I have studied to give you a broad-based healing experience. My credentials are:

Trance channel for 30 years, Channeling Teacher and Coach for 28 years, Hands-on Healer (Graduate in 1993 and Teacher at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing), Certified Core Energetics Therapist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and Interfaith Minister with a degree in Spiritual Counseling.

If you’re interested in reading about channeling and spiritual growth, we’ve written a guidebook called Channeling: The Heart & The Art. This ground breaking book covers the basics about learning how to channel and also includes advanced skills like channeling for groups and incorporating channeling into your already-existing practice. This book is available on my website and at Amazon.

You can get in touch with me at: 
Cell Phone: 212.831.9812

Let’s see if we can be a good healing team together.

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