Love is in the Earth© Level I Melody Crystal Workshop

Kathleen Jackson

  • This workshop provides the foundation for understanding and accessing the energies of the mineral kingdom, and is a pre-requisite for progressing to Level II.
  • Students must bring a copy of Melody’s book “Love is in the Earth, Laying-on-of- Stones, Updated”, 1 clear laser quartz wand and 1 Faden quartz crystal. Circles of Wisdom or the presenter will have these available for sale.

The Level I and Level II Melody Crystal Workshops are based on Melody’s best-selling Love is in the Earth* series of books about the mineral kingdom. The workshops teach specific arrays for personal healing and self-actualization drawn from sacred traditions around the globe. These classes are designed to train you in the use of crystals and minerals for healing, growth, and transformation for your own growth as well as for clients, friends, and family. Upon successful completion of both Level I and Level II, students will receive their Certificate of Crystology. 

Please also be prepared for extensive note taking - there are no hand-outs for the class.

Level I includes:

  • Self-Limiting Belief Systems
  • Chakras- Activation
  • Cleansing Cords and Connections
  • Inner Self Connections
  • Telepathic Transfer
  • Laying-On-Of-Hands with Laying-On-Of-Stones
  • Other Selected Crystal Arrays, including the Gateless Gate.

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Kathleen Jackson

Kathleen Jackson

Kathleen Jackson is a Master of Crystology and is a certified and accredited Instructor of Melody’s Love is in the Earth© Laying-on-of-Hands with Laying-on-of-Stones Level I and II workshops.  She has also studied crystal healing with Laurelle Shanti Gaia, of Sedona, AZ, earning additional certifications.

Kathleen is a certified Usui Reiki, Karuna© Reiki, and Shambhalla Reiki Master Teacher.  She is also an Advanced Integrated Energy Practitioner. With her love of aromatherapy, she also is certified as a Level I Medicinal Aromatherapist through the Wisdom of the Earth Company in Cornville, AZ.

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