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Jay Harris

Join us as we welcome Artist Jay Harris and his wonderful Pyramid Creations.  This special shopping event introduces us to Orgonite and the many benefits it contains.  Jay offers many variations and each Orgone Transformer is a unique and individual creation. 

Enhancing all areas of your life; emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually through art-quality Orgone (or Orgonite) energy products. Orgone can be described transmitter of positive Universal Life Force Energy. Orgone attracts, energizes and empowers this natural Chi energy to restore peace and harmony all around us. Many of the designs of our products are based in Sacred Geometry, which involves sacred universal patterns used in the design of everything in our reality.

Based in New Hampshire, artist Jay Harris, offers unique Orgone items in many different shapes and sizes as both desk top pieces and wearable art. 

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Jay Harris

Jay Harris

Based in New Hampshire, artist Jay Harris creates beautiful one-of-a-kind Orgone Transformers.  Using shapes based in Sacred Geometry, these Transformers are cast in resin and contain crystals, semi-precious stones, copper and aluminum metals.  It has been scientifically proven that the combination of resin, crystal and metal in Orgone effectively transforms negative energy into positive etheric energy.  Orgone has been found to mitigate the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves, enhance plant growth in gardens and help awaken innate psychic senses.  We offer many different shapes and sizes as both desk top pieces and wearable art.

Jay has been working with crystals, crystal healing and meditation for many years. As a request from a friend, Jay was asked to make some Orgonite spheres for use in a garden to enhance the growth of herbs and plants and as tower busters to create positive energy and harmony on her property. After doing some research about Orgonite, he created the first spheres and started putting them to work with some amazing results. As time went on, he experimented with different resins, shapes, crystals and metals to perfect and create the beautiful and artistic Orgone Transformer that will bring helpful and healing properties to those who have them. His work continues to evolve as intuitive ideas inspire new designs taking it to the next level. Although Jay offers some standardized shapes and sizes, each piece is a unique and individual handcrafted creation and no two are exactly alike. The costs vary due to the combination of the ingredients and craftsmanship involved. Requests for custom pieces are welcome.

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