Readings with Lauraine, Spelled the French Way

Readings with Lauraine, Spelled the French Way
  • Lauraine now offers some sessions IN PERSON as well as remote. If you desire an In Person session please be sure to only choose the dates with the "Person" icon. The telephone icon indicates these dates that are remote only. 
  • IN-PERSON: Our current policy is that face masks are required for anyone getting a reading or attending an event at Circles of Wisdom, regardless of vaccination status. Policy is subject to change at any time. You will be required to sign a Liability Waiver Release Form if we don't already have one on file for you.

  • REMOTE: Lauraine offers sessions by phone and Zoom. Please state your preference in the Notes field when you book your appointment. For phone sessions, the reader will call you at the number you provide. For other sessions, the reader may contact you in advance with login information if needed. 

  • $35 - 15 min, $60 - 30 min, $100 - 60 min
  • Rates apply to both In-Person and Phone sessions

Lauraine is a psychic from birth. Her tarot readings incorporate astrological, planetary, tarot and Kabbalah symbolism as well as medical intuitive. She also does crystal ball, palm readings, and psychometry.

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Lauraine Spelled the French Way

Lauraine Spelled the French Way

Lauraine spelled the French way is a psychic from birth. She has worked at the Regina Russell Tea Room in Quincy as a tarot card reader for over seven years. Lauraine has also done psychic fairs with Angelical of the Angels in Salem, MA.

Lauraine is a medical intuitive, psychic, and Reiki Master. Lauraine reads tarot cards using astrological symbolism, kabbalah symbolism, and planetary symbolism, as well as the tarot images. She is an empath who can easily understand most people and the hopes, desires, and wishes of her clients.

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