Quarantine: The Healing Retreat for True Self-Renewal

Quarantine: The Healing Retreat for True Self-Renewal

by James Wanless, Ph.D.

Quarantined because of Covid-19 is an amazing opportunity and blessed time. At no other period in your life do you get this time-out from regular life to go “time-in.” This is your chance to be with yourself as your own healer, your best friend, your staunchest ally, and your own counselor. Being alone gives you the space to reconnect with yourself in a way that can carry you forward to sustain a long and well life. Your solitude is really “soulitude,” a respite from your social identity and busy habitual life to recalibrate and reset your life for a future of purpose, power, passion, and prosperity.

Here is the roadmap in this actual “state of grace” for this retreat to review, redefine, reimagine, and renew you. As the real bottom line of life is energy, this break from normal life is for re-energizing, which is by “synergizing” yourself. How to do that? Reflect upon yourself in a “wholistic” way – the truest way to heal.

Take the time to look at your life as it’s purposed to be. Living your mission on earth gives you the “life force” from which you were born and destined. It is never ever too late to begin or recommence your “life path"! Once you know and activate your purpose, as all studies have concluded, you will be happier and healthier, live longer and more meaningfully with a life fulfilled. You may not “get it” (life purpose) in this quarantine period, and that’s ok; keep on the search, your “hero’s journey,” to be authentic and author your life as it’s meant to be.

Be mentally positive and stay optimistic. Remember, how you think is how you live. Realize that this is an abundant world, an abundant universe and you are an abundant person. Every situation, every moment, “every-every” is, in fact, an opportunity. Like the proverbial “wheel of fortune,” the universal principle of our cyclical life is that when there is a downturn, it’s a precursor to an upswing! Every setback is, as a quarantine period, a time to review and retreat to re-birth and rebegin. As in Newton’s law of motion of action and reaction, life is one step back to go two steps ahead. While you think you are standing still or going backward, be aware that you are in essence on the road forward. Follow these “laws of the universe,” and you will be immensely powered, refueled and redirected for a prosperous journey.

Our greatest teachers in life are when things go awry. In truth, be thankful despite your setback because you have the opportunity to learn, adapt, grow, and break out. In nature, there are no breakthroughs without some kind of breakup. This is your break to make the break for a life of endless joy and ageless vitality!

Emotionally, during your quarantine, please be nice to yourself. Find and do what you would love to be doing with your free time in your limited conditions. For me, when I was basically quarantined because I couldn’t talk, eat, drink and socialize due to cancer radiation therapy on my throat, I found writing to be my joy. If you can, find some creative endeavor because it will heal your heart with ecstasy and play and meaning. This is your time to create and not just watch TV or read someone’s novel. Passive spectating, while it entertains, does not truly fulfill and enliven. We are born as awesome and miraculous creative beings to re-create ourselves. And it’s fun! Revive the magical child within and live in magic!

And exercise! The other “fountain of youth” and the “healing elixir” is to move your body. Go for walks, especially in nature, in the trees, in the open spaces, at the beach, on the trails, in the parks. And breathe, breathe, breathe. Half of the American population does not exercise outdoors, is officially obese, and suffers from a new psychological pathology – Sitting Behavior Disorder (“sitting disease”). Oxygen to your brain is the single most vital action you can take to stay healthy of body and especially, of mind, and the emotional heart as your endorphins kick in.

Look at your quarantine as a “chrysalis” – a conscious refuge for you to carry on the natural process of continuous evolution for your never-ending story. And though it’s your life and your primary responsibility to butterfly, reach out for support. Every longevity study I have ever read concludes the same – friends are by far the most imperative ingredient for a long and happy life. While I was alone and recovering in my own chrysalis, I went to my Facebook “friends” to ask for financial donations to my continued welfare and for some medical expenses. I was stunned by how many friends I have and how much money I received. Each and every contribution, whether it was $5 or $50 was a shot of new energy and inspiration. Replenished of body, mind, and soul with gratitude and wherewithal, I took a brief sojourn out of my hospital room. With a friend, I went and danced, even with a feeding tube in me through my nose into my belly, at a wall where majestic butterflies had been painted. I felt liberated and exalted, like no other time in my life.

I will never forget the weeks of “aloneness” because I was not alone. I was with me, in love and respect for me. And the supportive world of friends was the wind-breath beneath my wings as I flew to become a new person. As a result of my dedicated time to myself and to my future, I have since freed myself to pursue my artistic inclinations. Today as I write this, I received an offer to show my art for an Opening. I have returned to my “wall of metamorphosis” to celebrate my dream and fly ecstatically.

To stay upbeat amidst some downtimes during your seclusion, imagine a new goal associated with your life purpose. Visualize and keep picturing your success in exquisite gold light; keep affirming to yourself that you can and will achieve this; with hands on your heart, feel your desire to attain this; and take some doable actions. This habitual routine of “see it, believe it, feel it, and do it” activates your life force, your naturally brilliant mind, your heart’s desire, and your actual behavior. Synergizing yourself with intention like this is magic – it’s the “fortune formula” for creating the future of your choice. I used this self-activation exercise to be where I am now, cancer-free, an artist, and inspired to share this writing for caring and transforming yourself.

Finally, be mindful of how you are during your retreat, especially for not getting down, negative and self-critical. A small dosage of mindfulness reflection or meditation is the “conscious, constant you” to partner with to make it through thick and thin. Your quarantine is a special, memorable, and pivotal moment on your life journey. Be grateful, savor and work it to harvest and free yourself! Blessings and praises on your “dance of life” of one step back, two steps ahead.

James is the creator of the well-known Voyager Tarot Deck, and also Sustain Yourself Cards. He visited Circles of Wisdom many times in the past and we’ve enjoyed lots of good times with him. James truly lives life to the fullest. He’s always inspired me in that regard.

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