14th Annual New Year Celebration Event: A Special Day of Healings & Readings

14th Annual New Year Celebration Event: A Special Day of Healings & Readings

Celebrate the start of 2023 with Circles of Wisdom and With Love and Gratitude!

We're not able to book online for this event so please call us at 978-474-8010 to book your sessions.

The With Love and Gratitude Team is donating their services for this day. You book a time but do not select a specific practitioner.

  • 20-minute healing session or reading for $15, or a combo special of $25 for one of each.

All merchandise will be 15% off for the day.

Let’s put forth the energy we wish to create for the coming year! With the New Year comes the opportunity for New Beginnings. The day will be filled with card readings, table work, store specials, laughter, and fun. So come, invigorate yourself, pamper your being, and enjoy a day dedicated to elevating your spirit.

Energy Table Work
Certified healers offer gentle, restorative table work allowing you to experience deep rest, renewed vitality, and increased well-being.

Card Readings
Where you may ask your questions and, if the cards allow it, gain useful insight, inspiration, and maybe even motivation. Please come with a question in mind. 

There will be multiple healers in one room and multiple readers in another. In order to provide service to as many people as possible, we run on a very tight schedule. We do our best to accommodate everyone, but if you are late you may lose your spot or have a shorter session. We encourage everyone to show up a little early to prevent disappointment.

Next Availability

Saturday, January 7
10:30 am-4:30 pm

With Love And Gratitude Team

With Love And Gratitude Team

With Love and Gratitude, a team of dedicated light workers, acting in unison, for the sole purpose of uplifting the spirit.  

An Afternoon with Joel and Leslie
An Afternoon with Joel and Leslie
Sunday, February 12
1:00 pm-3:00 pm EST

With Love and Gratitude's Leslie Gabriele joins with Joel Kaplan manifesting their desire to serve all others. In the spirit of the holiday of love, the purpose of our gathering is to transcend our ordinary understanding, step outside of our human sense perception, and together infuse, experience, create and heal.