Online Psychic Fair - Zoom Readings! *SOLD OUT* NEXT PSYCHIC FAIR 9/27-DETAILS COMING SOON!

Online Psychic Fair - Zoom Readings! *SOLD OUT* NEXT PSYCHIC FAIR 9/27-DETAILS COMING SOON!
  • Psychic Fair SOLD OUT! Our next Psychic Fair will be Sunday, 9/27 - Details will be on website soon!
  • 20-minute readings for $30 with some of our most popular readers (booked on the hour and half hour). Fair runs 4 pm - 9pm. 
  • Online registration now open! Please register online if possible, our phone hours are currently limited. Sessions need to be paid for at time of booking. 
  • Readings will be held through a Zoom meeting. You don't need a Zoom account to participate, and you will be able to log in by computer or phone. 
  • Your appointment reminder a few days before should include an access link, and we will also email it out a day before too. 
  • Please log in about 5 minutes before your session time to check in. All sessions must end at the same time so if you arrive late your session will be less than 20 minutes.

We look forward to seeing you at our August Online Psychic Fair! With uncertainty as to when we can have gatherings in Circles' physical space again, we've found a fun way to still have a psychic fair. The event will be run through a Zoom meeting. When you log in a few minutes before your appointment time we'll all be in a general online meeting room where we see each other in little boxes (like the Brady Bunch). When sessions start, each reader and their client will be put into a breakout room for their private session. All sessions must end at the same time, so if you are late your appointment will be shorter than 20 minutes. When the timer starts counting down at end of sessions please quickly wrap up your questions. Everyone will be pulled back to the main meeting room automatically at the end.

Here are the readers offering sessions during our August online fair: 

  • Julie Ann Gadziala - Psychic Mediumship Readings
  • Renee Walsh - Destiny Divination Sessions
  • Gayle Gregory - Shamanic Intuitive Readings
  • Cathy Corcoran - Channeled Celestial Guidance Sessions
  • Dianne Rockwell - Spiritual Mediumship Sessions
  • Patty Collinsworth - Akashic Record Readings

We hope you'll join us and enjoy great sessions as you have at our in person fairs. 

Friday, August 28
4:00 pm-9:00 pm