Tectite Healing Sessions with Jorge Luis Delgado*IN PERSON SESSIONS ONLY*

Tectite Healing Sessions with Jorge Luis Delgado*IN PERSON SESSIONS ONLY*
  • Sessions currently sold out. Email us if you'd like to be on the wait list in case of cancellations. 
  • All sessions In Person - $125 for 45 minutes
  • Sessions are available:
  • Thursday, September 23rd 11-8pm -SOLD OUT
  • Friday, September 24th 11-5:30pm - SOLD OUT
  • Monday, September 27th 11-8 PM - SOLD OUT
  • Tuesday, 28th 11-8pm - SOLD OUT 
  • These sessions will be held IN PERSON at Circles of Wisdom, Methuen, MA. Sessions are limited and we will be utilizing the current Covid Safety Guidelines. All participants will be required to sign a Liability Waiver and Release form if we do not already have it on file.

This ceremonial healing session with chacaruna Jorge Luis Delgado is great for releasing heavy energy that doesn't come from love and light. This healing uses tektite stones and anchors refined energy from the cosmic forces, helping you to step further into love, service, and wisdom. You will lie down on a healing table for the session.

Sold Out

Friday, September 24
11:00 am-5:30 pm

Jorge Luis Delgado

Jorge Luis Delgado

Jorge Luis Delgado, an Inca by birth and heritage, walks the path of the chacaruna. His passion is to bring authentic Inca heritage, spiritual traditions and handcrafts to worldwide attention. Jorge considers the oral tradition, taught in the different Inca communities, as his ever-expanding higher education. 

MaryAnn Male met Jorge Luis when she and her husband, Theron, traveled to Peru. They were so impressed by Jorge Luis and the spiritual traditions of the Incas they returned to Peru to learn more. During that visit they asked Jorge Luis to be allowed to help him bring his authentic voice to the world via a book. Andean Awakening is that book.