Medium, Spiritual Guidance or Healing Sessions with Ellen Bent

Medium, Spiritual Guidance or Healing Sessions with Ellen Bent
  • $60 - 30 min, $90 - 45 min, $120 - 60 min
  • Rates apply to both In-Person and Phone sessions

Sit down with Ellen and have a comfortable and relaxed discussion about the area of your life you want guidance.


Balancing your Chakras will renew your energy. Ellen will work her way through all your energy centers (Chakras) to bring balance into your life. This is a 30 minute session.


We work to remove energy blocks, stuck energies, grief and loss, emotional trauma, fear, belief patterns that no longer serve you. As a Medium, Ellen works with your loved ones to bring heart healing with messages of love and support while providing the necessary healing for you.

Ellen will connect with the energy of the beliefs and patterns that are holding you from reaching your full potential. In this empowering session, we work together for your personal and spiritual growth.

  • Chakra Balancing, Intuitive Guidance and Mediumship may be included in this session.


Trained in energy work, Ellen works with you to look at your own power and harness it to help access your divine inner knowing to move forward. This session may feel like sitting with a friend or trusted advisor. As an Intuitive Healer, she uplifts you and helps tap into the wisdom that lies within yourself to help reach your fullest potential. Intuitive readings provide a look at your soul’s journey and guidance to move forward. Ellen does not read to predict the future like a Psychic does, she reads your energy to empower you.


Often with the loss of a loved one, the heart chakra needs healing. Your loved ones want you to heal and live a happy life. As a Medium, Ellen will bring you messages of love and support as she connects with your loved ones. She asks that you wait at least three months after a dear one has passed before calling them into your session. If you want to hear from a specific person, bring a photo, piece of jewelry or something personal to help bring in the desired energy. Great healing can come from the words from Spirit

"I would describe a healing session with Ellen as being like a facial for the soul. It is an amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone.”

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Ellen Bent

Ellen Bent

Ellen’s healing work is heart based. All healing work takes place in a Sacred Space with Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and the Angelic Realm. Healing occurs more easily when the client is in a relaxed state. 

With compassion and an open heart, Ellen will connect with spirit to bring insight and healing. Your energy holds all your beliefs, both positive and negative. Your thoughts help create your future. Clearing these energy channels allows you to move forward with ease and a path of emotional freedom. Releasing fear, loss, guilt and past experiences can help empower you to fulfill your goals and bring more happiness and joy into your life.

Walking your path in a healed state empowers you and brings about the changes you desire. We finish the session grounding your energy and balancing your Chakras.

Ellen has been on a spiritual path for many years. This inspired her to seek training as a Medium, Spiritual Intuitive, Certified Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, and Magnified Healing Practitioner. She has also been blessed to study with some of the leading Healers and Mediums in MA, NH, NJ, and visiting from the UK.

Continuing to attend advanced classes and workshops on a regular basis to strengthen her skills is important to Ellen. She also teaches healing classes and workshops in the local area and does mentoring for spiritual development and healing. Ellen possesses the spiritual responsibility to assist others by offering guidance necessary to promote   emotional healing and insight for her clients. Being a healer, her intuitive readings and messages are known to encourage hope, inner strength, and courage to face change for a positive direction.

There is not only one future for you, it is created with your desires, beliefs and lessons that are required for your spiritual growth. Together we will work to establish healthy beliefs to move toward your goals, insight about a relationship or seeking a spiritual direction. If you are new to spirituality, come with questions. Spiritual discussions are always welcome.