Mediumship, Psychic, Past Life Regression & Tea Leaf Readings with Susan Morgan *PHONE SESSIONS ONLY*

Mediumship, Psychic, Past Life Regression & Tea Leaf Readings with Susan Morgan *PHONE SESSIONS ONLY*
  • $35 - 15 min, $70 - 30 min, $120 - 60 min
  • Combination Tea Leaf Reading/Mediumship, $120 - 60 min
  • $150 - Past Life Regression - 60 min
  • All sessions are PHONE ONLY

In a typical Mediumship reading with Susan, she defers to the Spirits first, connecting first with guides or often the departed. After sharing their initial information she asks the client what she or he would like to know. Most questions fall under three categories; Love, Health, and Finances. Any question can be asked however, and within a half hour reading all three categories can be covered.

Susan prefers time lines of 3 months and 6 months out since there are so many variables that can affect the accuracy of a reading too far into the future. Susan also reminds clients that we have free will and encourages them to direct their lives as best they can.

Past Life Regression Sessions are for those who are ready to go deeper.  Are there behaviors that you want to modify, that may have their 'seed' in a past life?  Sometimes we also need to call on the courage or strength of a past life to enhance this one.  Either way, a full, more complete knowledge of who you are and who you have been can help enormously in the process.  In a perfect world, we would all have a greater sense of ourselves and each other, since it would foster greater understanding and cohesion.

Through shamanic drumming Susan will lead you on a journey to another life(s), and she will travel shamanically as well, so you can get the most information useful.

In addition, Susan also offers the ancient art of Tea Leaf Readings. Tea leaf reading is an ancient practice interpreting patterns made by tea leaves in the cup. Although tasseography is commonly associated with Gypsy fortunetellers, the tradition of tea leaf reading arises independently from Asia, the Middle East and Ancient Greece. 

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Susan Morgan

Susan Morgan

Susan Morgan connects easily with the Departed and is also able to offer insight into relationships, health, finances, past lives and more.  

Susan is also Native American (Abernaki and Huron) and a Master Dreamworker.  She is the Founder of the Mystic Dream Center, a registered non-profit.  She is a Shamanic Practitioner, Teacher / Workshop Leader and Author, whose books include: The Power of Dreams and Death and Continuing On.  

More information can be found on her website