Sage & Cedar Spray

Sage & Cedar Spray

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Sage and Cedar Spray is a liquid version of smudging. Use it anywhere in this convenient 2 oz bottle. Smudging has been used ceremoniously for millennia to clear away negativity and to make room for positive energy. You know you need to smudge or clear your space when chaos is present, arguments abound, anger presents itself, or general feelings of agitation and frustration exist. 

To clear a room or space, set your intention to release accumulated negative energy and spray Sage and Cedar Spray.

  • Sage comes in a variety of types. This herb is the foundation for most of the smudging, or clearing, blends. Using this herb alone is very effective in clearing away negative thought forms and vibrations.
  • Cedar is a purifier and calls forth good energy. Cedar is often found in combination with sage in smudge sticks. It is used by some for bringing in the vibration of Christ's consciousness and protection.

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The Crystal Garden label oils are 100% pure therapeutic quality and also considered medical grade.