Growing People
How green landscapes and garden spaces can change lives

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by James S. Beard and Christopher Jossart

Life skills bloom for all ages from a little dabbling in green activities and by way of the latest in organic growing systems by renowned horticulturist and instructor, Jim Beard. Jim teamed up with award-winning author and writer, Christopher Jossart, on a read that is a first-of-its kind blend of a little tears with a lot of landscape construction success stories--ones that anyone can do just about anywhere.

The Jim Beard model of changing lives is so simple that it can be found on the stem of your next plant or in the detail behind your next backyard project. A bonus section of the book includes Jim's new 4B organic growing systems: Beds, Bales, Buckets, and Brews. National garden expert, author, and TV/radio host, Melinda Myers, provides the Welcome message. This year Ms. Myers showcased one of Jim's 4Bs at the Wisconsin State Fair during her series of garden lectures. One of the first in the nation to introduce the concept of organic playgrounds, Jim's work has appeared nationally in USA TODAY, Lawn & Landscape, and on Garden Pro Radio. He is in elite company as a certified Organic Land Care Expert on behalf of the Northeast Organic Farming Association. From growing up with very little on a small farm in Illinois to serving our nation, Jim Beard's humble ways supersede anything else. Enjoy!

  • Publisher: PageTurner Publishing, 2015